My new WebGL games

I was playing with JavaScript and decided to create my own small framework for 2D games, based on WebGL. I have alredy made 2 small games on top of it.

Crazy Bugs

This game is based on Graph Theory (subfield of math), specifically on planar graphs. Flies are the vertices and threds between them are edges. You have to arrange the flies with your mouse, so no threads cross each other (crossing threads are red, correct threads are white). Hope you will like it :)

Crazy Bugs

The Big Fish

I have seen a game like this - Circle Game. But it is very choppy and my CPU fan started to be very loud after a minute of playing. That's because it doesn't use GPU acceleration and all the graphics are done on the CPU. My version is running on GPU, all your fans should be quiet :)

Big Fish

Loud Rider

This is a game inspired by Elasto Mania. You have off-road motorcycle and you have to pass through the level as fast as possible. There are different obstacles in your way.

Loud Rider

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  1. Jeffrey Sweeney said:

    What? You made a fish game too? Gah! I’m working on one!

    I like yours better though :)
    Besides the circle game, were you inspired by that old Miniclip flash version? Heck, this game’s been around forever, but it’s still awesome!

    February 6th, 2012
  2. Ivan Kuckir said:

    Hello Jeffrey,
    nice game! :) I don’t know about miniclip version.

    BTW would you like to use my framework You will have 60 FPS instead of 15 you have now. My Big Fish game has only 10 kB of code, all the rest is done by framework.

    February 6th, 2012
  3. Jeffrey Sweeney said:

    Well, I’m designing my own framework for learning purposes, though I’ll look through yours; your game’s performance is pretty impressive.

    Part of the reason for the low fps is the fact that there’s tons of sine/cosine function calls ;) but it certainly could use some more optimization.

    February 7th, 2012
  4. Jeffrey Sweeney said:

    Whoa, never mind! I get it now; where I’m relying on simple browser 2d canvas rendering, you’re using WebGL!

    Yes, I think this framework may have a place in my future projects. Nice work!

    February 7th, 2012
  5. Cyril Hansen said:

    Your work on such WebGL powered framework is impressive, you have a very broad set of skills from math to game design and a great portfolio already !

    Both of your games are working correctly on Firefox with the proprietary Ati driver under Linux. The browser uses 70% of the CPU, this seams strange but no other browser support webgl on my hardware.

    I found your site while looking for a webgl enabled framework, but my target application is not game but more business oriented and I have no flash experience, so your approach does not match my requirements. But your work is impressive, so I thought your post deserved a comment.

    I also found your post in the HaXe forums, and there is definitively a=in need of a WebGL/HTML5 implementation of the flash/NME API. Too bad the HaXe community is mostly focused on native backends. This shows as Jeash is not natively integrated in NME. You seem to believe more in HTML5 than they do, at least for now.

    You probably know that already, but you have an open source competition with a different API : Caat. Maybe you can solve your audio loops issues by looking at their code :

    Anyway it seems the game engine market seems to be a tough one, as commercial games seems to build their own engine or license very big engines. It will probably a lot easier for you to live from consulting work.

    For the record Google is backing an open source, cross platform, gl enabled, game support framework called playN ( and it does not seem to have been very successfull in term of mindshare.

    February 9th, 2012
  6. Ivan Kuckir said:

    Hello Cyril, thank you :) I am still studying.

    What about chromium? When I was on linux at school, I had very good results with WebGL in Chromium. But Firefox performance is really bad, it always uses all the CPU power. The state of WebGL’s penetration and implementation quality is generally bad now. The same for audio.

    Many frameworks try to solve these things by different tricks or by making different behavior depending on current browser. I don’t like this attitude. I rather wait, until standards are finished and browsers implement them correctly.

    At the beginning, I was trying to use playN, but it all looks so difficult (you should download hundreds of megabytes of stuff), even after 4 hours I couldn’t make it work in Eclipse, so I gave it up and wrote my own framework.

    February 12th, 2012
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