Matrix calculator in Pascal (controlled by console)

I have created an easy Matrix calculator in Pascal. The application is controlled via console and you control it with few easy commands, as Store, List, Add, Multiply etc.

Each matrix is a record on heap and you have array with 26 pointers (called A to Z) on these records.

The code is robust, well-aranged, light-weight and easy to extend, so you can easily add new functions and create your own Matlab, if you want :)

It contains Pascal code for matrix addition, multiplication, transpose, inversion, gaussian and gauss-jordanian elimination and some next matrix functions are implemented.

If you add some new features and functions, please send it to me and I will update it (

For an easy start, just type "help" and press Enter.

EXE file

PAS file

Documentation (in Czech)

- use Google translator to translate it to english.

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