Hello, my name is Ivan Kuckir (Іван Куцкір - 'Cootskeer'). I am a student of Computer Science from the Czech Republic.

A little story about me

I was born in November 1990 in a small village in western Ukraine. As a child, I was good at Art and Math.

Our family moved to the Czech Republic in 2001, when I was 11. In 2003, my parents bought me that magic machine called computer. In 2005 - 2009, I attended a high school with orientation on Business and Computers.

Since 2009, I am studying a bachelor and now master degree in computer science at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague.

I like computer graphics. I am a fan of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. I am also a fan of web technologies and development of video games.

My hobbies away from computer are playing the guitar, in-line skating and fishing.